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Orchids & Lanterns

I booked a couple of days off work this week as my missus is off work too (this being half term holiday at the college where she works her main job). This is a holiday that also contains the oft-dreaded Valentine's day. Neither of us wanted to pander too much to the consumer fest of that day nor did we want to comply too much with the wholly artificial pressure the day seems to generate. That being said we are both excited to be in this new relationship and both wanted to enjoy our time together.
We started after I finished work on Sunday with dinner at hers (this was a first for us) and a very lazy start to Monday. The weather was so nice on the Monday we took an unplanned visit to Cassiobury Park in Watford, one of my favourite old haunts. On Tuesday we had more of a full day planned with an exchange of small gifts, a trip to see this years Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens (we had both been in previous years but never together) and finally a trip to the Chinese Lantern festival at Chiswick House. (This was a new thing for us both). The orchid displays were on goof form this year (the best for several years, I think) and unusually this year with an Indian theme. The lantern displays were amazing. A link to photos will follow soon, when I can be arsed to upload them. Sadly its back to work tomorrow as normal.
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