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Camden & The End Of Christmas

I finally caught up with my friend Sarah today for a much belated catch up and exchange of Xmas gifts. Sarah of course is always a pleasure but with this meeting I can also draw a more or less final close to the Xmas 2016 season which as usual for me has lasted almost exactly two months starting with my friend Jacqui's birthday back in November.
For various reasons I suggested meeting in Camden. I wanted to catch that Punk exhibition (see previous entry) but Camden in one of many places roughly half way between us and has many places to meet, eat and drink. Sadly I had forgotten Camden's wide appeal to tourists, wannabe punks, wannabe hippies and annoying teens who think they have invented an original way to live because they have bought something in a shop. Consequently Camden was unexpectedly choc-ful of annoying bastards half of whom seemed to carry selfie sticks which is a fresh level of hell that has developed since my last trip to Camden.
Luckily meeting up with Sarah made it all worth while, but its likely to be a long time before I suggest meeting anybody else in Camden though!
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