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Labyrinth Masquerade Ball (post-Bowie)

I took my girlfriend to see Labyrinth on Saturday. It was being shown as a special 'Masquerade Ball' at the Prince Charles cinema in London. This was the second time I had attended such a screening and I cannot count how many times in total I have seen the film - probably 20 at least. For Lilia it was the first time. She had never seen the film before, been to any sort of special screening before or even been to the PCC before so it was with her fresh eyes I watched the proceedings this time around. The fancy dress section was the biggest I have seen yet but by contrast the audience was comparatively quiet when it came to shouting and heckling at the prompted moments. Many were in full voice when it came to the songs though. Bowie's character was given a lot of vocal support though. I cannot remember if that was the case when I last saw this at a screening but being so close to the anniversary of his death it was both pleasing and poignant. Lilia seemed to think it was pretty wonderful and I have no reason to argue.
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