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Eat The World - Spain & Italy

With my Goddaughters in town over the weekend we were finally able to advance our 'Eat The World' project a little. On the Saturday night after the theater we went to a nearby Spanish restaurant called Andalucia. The food was excellent and the girls all tried Tapas for the first time so that was a success all round. On the Sunday it was my turn to be treated so we visited an Italian restaurant in Harrow called Prezzo. It's part of a small chain I think but was very nice (I had rabbit for the first time in ages and with pasta for the first time ever!). We all like Italian food so there were few surprises here, the choice was mostly based on it's proximity to the cinema in Harrow as the girls were taking me to see 'A Monster Calls' as a birthday treat (beautiful film BTW).

The Project so far has taken in C=Cuba, S=Spain and I=Italy. I'm sure there is more to come, though me might have to start getting a bit more systematic soon before it starts to get confusing, though I did notice that in 'Eating The World' so far we have managed to spell out C.S.I. which can hardly be a good omen!
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