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Book Of Mormon

I had my fiend Kate and my Goddaughters down over the weekend to celebrate Christmas and my birthday. On Saturday I took them to see The Book Of Mormon musical, a show we had all been waiting to see for quite a while. I think we all found it to be genuinely impressive. Above all else it was really very funny (as I had hoped) but also had some great tunes, choreography and some brilliant turns from a very talented cast. Considering this was created by the guys behind South Park and Team America the humour was comparatively tame (but still had plenty of moments). The narrative nails its colours to the mast pretty early: religion in general - and Mormonism as a focal point in particular - is pretty bonkers but remains generous enough to suggest that ideas that bring people together and help those less fortunate can be a good thing even if they are bonkers.
Most importantly, everyone had a good time and we were all glad that we were finally able to snaffle some tickets.

This week I have been mostly re-reading: Topple The Mighty by Leon Kuhn & Colin Gill
Tags: christmas, comedy, kids, theatre
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