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This blog both sucks and blows

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Im an ex-pat Welshman living and working in London. I love movies, books, music and sometimes my friends. Im a socialist, and a sci-fi fan who hates computers. I dont have any pets or children but somehow manage to keep some house plants alive. Thats some progress...
alan moore, aliens, ana carolina, ani difranco, anime, ann nocenti, banksy, bill bailey, bill sienkiewicz, black books, blue man group, brian froude, bruce campbell, cake, calvin and hobbes, carter usm, chris morris, clive barker, coen brothers, colin hay, comedy, creature features, dave gorman, david lynch, don quixote, douglas adams, ealing comedies, easy star all stars, faithless, family guy, fast show, father ted, flight of the conchords, foo fighters, frank miller, gary larson, george orwell, giant apes, godzilla, goodness gracious me, groo, guillermo del toro, hellboy, hendrix, hippies, horror, human rights, impressionism, james brown, jamie hewlett, jay and silent bob, john j. muth, kazuo koike, ken loach, league of gentleman, led zeppelin, lone wolf and cub, magic roundabout, max brooks, mel brooks, monty python, motown, mutants, neds atomic dustbin, neil gaiman, new fast automatic daffodils, noam chomsky, pat mills, peace, peter cook, peter sellers, pink floyd, pixar, pj harvey, psychedelia, radiohead, ray bradbury, ray harryhausen, robert rankin, robots, rockets, ross noble, samurai, sarcasm, satire, sci - fi, seasick steve, seu jorge, shaun tan, simon pegg, ska, small museums, snow patrol, social justice, socialism, soul music, spaceships, spike milligan, star wars, stephen chow, stephen j gould, stereophonics, stone roses, subversion, surrealism, tank girl, terry gilliam, terry jones, terry pratchett, the blues, the clash, the dead milkman, the divine comedy, the doors, the matrix, the path less travelled, the pixies, the prisoner, the rolling stones, the simpsons, the walking dead, the white stripes, the zutons, thrillers, tim burton, tim minchin, tolkien, tom baker, tom sharpe, troma, vampires, vic reeves, werewolves, william blake, zombies

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