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Picasso Portraits & Photo Portraits

On Thursday after my shift finished I decided to catch a few exhibitions before heading home. First up was a trip to the National Portrait Gallery for a double header. They are currently holding a pair of portrait exhibitions, one featuring paintings by Picasso and the other (one of my favourites) is the annual Photographic Portrait prize. Given that I was going to be charged entry for both exhibitions I decided that I would opt instead for an annual membership as that will save me money over the course of the year even though it is a tough time of year to be spending that amount of cash.
The Picasso exhibition was nice, but despite the high profile prestige was for me the lesser of the two exhibitions, in my expectations at least. The photo portrait prize as usual featured some work both striking and inspiring but seemed slightly weaker this year than in some previous. I have found myself saying that about a number of annual exhibitions I attend and is hard to tell how much the quality actually drops some years compared to hom much my own experience is tainted by nostalgia and raised/lowered expectations.
So the bottom line seems to be that I preferred the photo portrait exhibition to the Picasso portraits but the thing I am happiest with is getting the ticket that will get me into unlimited exhibitions for free for the next year. I'm not sure if that is a victory for art or not!
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