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Museum Of Childhood, NYE

I have been wanting for a while to see the Sonya Hurtado exhibition at the Museum Of Childhood and I was running out of time as the exhibition closes next week. The exhibition comprises only 12 images so I found it difficult to justify the time it would take to cross London for it, but it looked really good. Luckily I was working on Saturday and the guys I support were looking for something to do with their afternoon and were happy to check out the museum (though this small exhibition itself held little interest for them).
The tenants ended up enjoying looking at the various exhibits and in particular the current main exhibition about board games. I was glad to do something different with them for a change. The exhibition I wanted to see was also very good - beautiful photographs working issues around complex childhood emotions with fairy tale imagery.

After we got back to base and had some dinner I took the same bunch of guys to an LD New Years Eve Disco and they had fun there too! It was nearly 1am by the time I finished and I didnt make it home until about 2am. I've had worse New Years!
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